Thursday, February 2, 2012

My first Altered "LOVE" Wall hanging sign

This is my first attempt at doing crackle painting, I had so much fun and really enjoyed it. I brought this chipboard 'love' sign and the letters were loose with a ring binder loop in one corner so it opened like a book but my daughter decided she wanted it like a one peice sign so I just glued it all together, then crackled it and embellished it.

The color of the roses is a deeper pink/maroon than is shown in the pics, the peice of beige doily shown below is over 50 years old and belonged to my mother. The white silky rose bugs and the gold stamens are from my leftover wedding flowers from 11 years ago. I made the 3 tiny lace flowers.
 The laces, leaves,key, ribbon etc are from my stash

Love hangs from a deep green peice of sari cloth.

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